200 ml

A powerful tool for congested, oily hair roots, dandruffy scalp. The scrub removes what shampoo can’t. It’s like a special first aid:
– For oily, heavy hair roots;
– To fight dandruff.
The scrub safely and effectively removes the effects of improper hair care. It creates favourable conditions for skin regeneration and better growth of healthy hair. It decongests the hair follicles and restores the physiological balance of the scalp, which is essential for further proper skin care. Reduces the hair’s tendency to oiliness. The scrub improves scalp microcirculation, activates oxygen transmission to the cells, stimulates collagen synthesis, strengthens hair roots and stimulates hair growth. Stimulates the natural hair growth process. The scalp scrub improves the absorption of the active ingredients contained in other hair care products and enhances their effectiveness. The scrub improves the condition of the scalp and hair, lifts the hair from the roots, and does not make the hair greasy or weigh it down. The scrub particles are easy to rinse off. Regular scalp care will also prevent hair loss and give you strong, thick hair. The scrub gives you the maximum feeling of cleanliness that lasts longer!
Scent: Fresh and cleansing balsamic notes.
Natural and organic / Suitable for vegans / Made in Italy