150 ml

(Nourishing, moisturising and regenerating treatment)
A cream with organic sea buckthorn and sunflower oils and shea butter, designed to nourish, moisturise, nourish and protect dry body skin. Sea buckthorn berries are a natural source of vitamins and minerals. Sea buckthorn is an excellent antioxidant: it protects against free radicals and prevents ageing. It contains substances that give the skin elasticity, prevent wrinkles, promote cell renewal and strengthen the body’s resistance. Sea buckthorn is one of the most valuable sources of bioactive substances! Shea butter – naturally rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, restores elasticity and moisture to dry skin. It also contains hamamelis, which has astringent and antibacterial properties, is antiseptic and helps relieve the symptoms of minor wounds or skin irritations. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and protects against UV rays.
The cream spreads easily and absorbs quickly. Suitable for the whole family. Dermatologically tested. 97% natural ingredients.
Scent: sea buckthorn berry
Natural and organic I Vegan I Made in Italy

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