Climate change, unsustainable consumption and pollution problems are much talked about around the world. We are encouraged to live more consciously and to realise that it is up to each individual to change in order to bring about big changes. Businesses are increasingly responding to the green message. The beauty industry is no exception, and so are we, the MOSS9 brand.

Sustainability, also known as ZERO WASTE or WASTE FREE, is simply the reduction or elimination of inputs, packaging and products that have a significant and harmful impact on nature and the environment.

Sustainability should be of the utmost importance to all beauty lovers, whether women, men or children. After all, the shelves in our bathrooms are bursting with cosmetic products ranging from skincare and cosmetics to products for the hair and body. When they are finished, everything just goes into a single, shared bin, where it goes on to an unknown life. And very rarely do we think about why it is important for us to live more sustainably? Why do we start to get skin irritation when we use one or other beauty products from plastic or environmentally unfriendly packaging?

Sustainability, ecology, sustainable consumption – more and more, they make us think about how we look after ourselves. By choosing healthier foods, more active lifestyles and greener vehicles, we are protecting ourselves and the environment. But it’s not just the environment we need to love, the inside, but also the outside. That’s why we are increasingly finding organic cosmetics on our beauty shelves. Organic cosmetics are made from materials found in nature, such as fruit, berries, honey, beeswax, various herbs, flowers, natural plant extracts, as well as unrefined oils (argan, macadamia, shea, etc.).

The MOSS9 brand makes a small contribution to sustainability and ecology. Our products are made from organic and certified products, suitable for vegans, environmentally friendly – recyclable, eco-friendly reusable packaging, including glass. We want our customers to contribute not only to the safety of the environment, but also to love themselves by taking care of their skin and body.

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