100 ml

The Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 in bioplastic bottle, to protect the planet and for a skin that needs medium protection. Read the description to know if it is the right cream for you!

Everyone tells you that you are “a guy” but you also know that “phototype” you are? And do you know how to choose the best sunscreen for your phototype? The Sunscreen Fluid SPF 30 Officina Naturae, with certified high protection, is the perfect one for phototype II or III, in practice for those with light skin, light eyes and brown or blond hair. If you are among these characteristics, or you are in the first days of exposure to the sun, you have centered in full your ideal sunscreen! If you also care about the environment, it will do even more to your case because it is contained in a bioplastic bottle from sugar cane, then from a renewable resource and reduced CO2 emissions.

It is also green in the formula because it contains only mineral and vegetable filters, and protects from both UVA and UVB rays.

Natural and organic / Vegan / Made in Italy