SUNSCREEN CREAM SPF 15 Medium Protection


In Bioplastic bottle

100 ml

Sunscreen fluid SPF 15 in bioplastic bottle: a tan that respects… nature. Read the description to see if it is the right sunscreen for you!

A nice tan definitely looks better. If then sunbathing is also good for the environment… bingo! If you easily tan, because you have a dark complexion, or your skin is already tanned, after so many sun baths, you might think you don’t need a good sunscreen. Nothing could be more wrong, even on your skin the sun can be harmful and age it early. You need the best UVA and UVB protection, such as the Sunscreen Fluid SPF 15 Officina Naturae, a certified medium factor of protection with only mineral and vegetable filters. Which one to choose? If you want to be really “green” even in the tan, choose the new version in the bioplastic bottle from sugar cane, low environmental impact and 100% recyclable.

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