45 ml

Here is the Body Butter that gives a soft and silky skin, pampering even very dry skin and excessively exposed to the sun. The sublime illuminating effect and the scent of Coconut and Vanilla, both natural, make the skin irresistible, almost to eat! It is solid, find out how to use it and then take it with you, even when traveling.
When the sun kisses the skin of your body, it reveals all the details. Let it reveal a radiant, soft and hydrated skin, thanks to Officina Naturae Illuminating Solid Body Butter!
If you have never used a body butter, you will immediately appreciate its virtues and, after using it, you will never want to leave it. If, on the other hand, you have never used solid body butter, we explain how to use it and why you should prefer it to traditional body butter. Our Solid Body Butter is a compact dough that heats up and spreads easily in contact with the skin, leaving it soft. It’s perfect to use after a shower, especially when your skin craves hydration and nourishment, so it’s an ideal cuddle after sunbathing. It is the best body butter if you have very dry skin, because it nourishes it and makes it supple, thanks to organic shea butter and coconut oil.
If you are looking for a Vanilla or Coconut body butter, our scented body butter will make you crazy, because it blends these two notes into a single fragrance. Our illuminating body butter contains an ingredient of natural origin, which will make your skin shine like silk at any time of the day! And, since we want our Planet to be as clean and bright as your skin, we wanted to exclude from this conscious product the microplastics present in common products with illuminating effect, which inevitably pollute our aquatic environments. Its solid appearance and packaging will also help you reduce plastic from your daily beauty routine!

Natural and organic / Vegan / Made in Italy

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