75 ml

Want a mint gel toothpaste that refreshes without irritating? Do you have sensitive teeth and gums and prefer a mild natural toothpaste that is still effective? Our Sensitive and Delicate Teeth Toothpaste is for you, with its soothing natural extracts. In addition, it is also zero waste, with the new packaging in aluminum and 100% recyclable bioplastic!

You have already tried lots of Mint toothpaste but they are too strong for your mouth, so delicate, and you do not want to give up the Mint taste.

What to do? We thought of the natural toothpaste that suits you, the Organic Gel Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth of Officina Naturae!

It is a vegetable toothpaste, soft in the mouth, specific for teeth sensitive to the taste of Mint: it does not burn and the gums that irritate easily do not suffer, thanks to the organic extracts of Chamomile and Calendula. It does not attack the dental enamel, because the gel is low abrasive and therefore gentle on the gums. Its delicacy does not affect its effectiveness, because it guarantees the perfect state of teeth and gums, ensuring daily hygiene and freshness. It is a cruelty free vegan toothpaste, so it is also kind to our animal friends, to whom Officina Naturae care, always making conscious products and respectful of every living being.
Also it is respectful of nature, because you can recycle the paper packaging, the tube and the cap completely without making waste.

Natural and organic / Vegan / Made in Italy

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