100 ml

Fresh breath and healthy teeth with 100% natural The Mint-flavored natural mouthwash now comes with a new, more concentrated formula. The natural mouthwash also becomes zero waste thanks to the new glass appearance: an even more sustainable and less plastic packaging!

A fresh and fragrant mouth for a long time puts you in a good mood… don’t you agree? If this is the case for you too, you have certainly searched for the best Mint mouthwash but, the ones you have tried, are really bombs for you, too strong and irritating! Then you will like the Natural Mint Mouthwash by Officina Naturae, because it refreshes at the right point without burning. It helps you to have fresh breath but also to keep the deposits of plaque and tartar under control, enemies of your teeth and gums. Like? It uses completely natural and organic ingredients.

Mint essential oil is the organic ingredient that leaves that feeling of balsamic freshness in the mouth but which also helps improve your daily oral hygiene.

The new formula of the natural mouthwash is even more concentrated: 100 ml of this concentrated mouthwash correspond to about 400 ml of liquid mouthwash in normal concentration. In addition, the new bottle is more environmentally friendly: we have significantly reduced plastic and adopted a glass bottle with an aluminum cap.
Because this product follows a production line that is aware and respectful of health and living beings, we have only used ingredients of vegetable origin, vegan and cruelty free.

Natural and organic / Vegan / Made in Italy

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