75 ml

With a brand new zero waste packaging, Lemon natural toothpaste in aluminum tube effectively protects you from plaque and tartar, thanks to Icelandic Lichen and Zinc Citrate. It is safe and sustainable, because it is ICEA certified, and it is also vegan. Basically while you clean your teeth, you keep the Planet cleaner!
If candies, ice cream, biscuits and lemon cakes cannot be missing in your crazy daily diet, then you will have to run for cover with a good toothpaste, perhaps natural, that will help you fight the formation of plaque and cavities. But don’t deprive yourself of your favorite flavor, choose Officina Naturae Natural Lemon Toothpaste!
It is a vegetable toothpaste with Icelandic Lichen and Zinc Citrate, with recognized anti-plaque actions. The low abrasiveness of the gel does not damage the dental enamel and does not irritate the gums but guarantees the health of your mouth.
If your favorite flavor is Lemon, someone else in the house might not like it … then offer them the Anise and Mint versions, the formula is the same, only the taste changes.
When we studied the formulas of these toothpastes, as with all our conscious products, we did it thinking also of our animal friends: this is also a cruelty free vegan toothpaste!
In addition to the formulas, a low environmental impact packaging is important to us: this is why we have chosen to renew it and make it 100% recyclable: case in FSC paper, aluminum tube and bioplastic cap.

Natural and organic / Vegan / Made in Italy

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