75 ml

Capture the unusual and pleasant aroma of Natural Anise Toothpaste in aluminum tube, effective in protection, thanks to the Icelandic Lichen and Zinc Citrate extracts but also suitable for a lifestyle with less plastic and less waste, thanks to the new packaging 100 % recyclable! Become Zero Waste too!
Are you one of those who, after a hearty lunch, are waiting for nothing but coffee, perhaps corrected with a drop of Anise? Well, we don’t want to take away this pleasure, but we want to give you a remedy for oral hygiene, without upsetting that delicious flavor that has remained in your mouth … our Natural Anise Gel Toothpaste!
Anise, with its sweet but fresh flavor, is a spice that in ancient times was used to chew right after meals, so it seemed to us the perfect aroma for a toothpaste, together with the taste of the other versions available Lemon and Mint.
The plaque contrast action of this vegetable toothpaste is given by Icelandic Lichen and Zinc Citrate. While it fights plaque, it does not irritate the gums because the gel has a low abrasiveness. It is perfect for daily dental hygiene!
It is also a vegan and cruelty free toothpaste, because its ingredients respect animals, like all our conscious products.
Its new aluminum look and bioplastic cap, together with the FSC paper packaging, is 100% recyclable!

Natural and organic / Vegan / Made in Italy

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