75 ml

Looking for a whitening toothpaste that really works? Try our eco-friendly whitening toothpaste in aluminum tube! How does it work? In 3 weeks you have white teeth with the strength of Lemon and Sage extracts. We have reduced plastic, with the new aluminum tube. And then it’s Mint, as you like it! Try and see!

You can’t give up on those little pleasures in life, like tea, coffee or a cigarette but at the same time are you scared to have a smeared smile? Officina Naturae has decided to create an Ecobio Mint Whitening Toothpaste, which really works but which, at the same time, guarantees white teeth with only natural ingredients and without the use of optical whiteners.
How does a natural whitening toothpaste like this work?
It helps removing external tooth stains and reduces yellowing, thanks to the organic extracts of Sage and Lemon. In addition, it delays the formation of plaque thanks to the organic thyme extract.

You will find it in the form of a classic white paste, not in gel, but completely natural.
We have designed not only a new whitening toothpaste with good INCI, COSMOS Natural certified, but we have made it even more sustainable by replacing the plastic tube with an aluminum tube, a 100% recyclable material. We have also avoided using plastic from fossil sources also in the cap, creating a bioplastic cap from a renewable source.
Finally, like all our toothpastes, we only used vegan and cruelty free ingredients, so that every conscious product that comes out of our laboratories respects our health and the environment but also the lives of our animal friends!

Natural and organic / Vegan / Made in Italy

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